My name is Brian Lidle and it is an honor to have you visiting my site!  During my 20+ years in education, I’ve had the privilege to serve as a coach, teacher, principal, coordinator, and director of professional development.  Although the role may change the bottom line is always the same, education is about seeing the best in those we serve and supporting them to reach their full potential.


Over the years, It has been my privilege to lead and mentor many students, teachers, parents, administrators, and educators of every capacity, while innovating how we “do” school.  


Yet along this wonderful journey and at the height of achievement, recognition, and awards, I became overwhelmed and burned out with all the things we had to do to meet all the expectations and mandates.  I lost my way and became frustrated and burned out as education seemed to have become transactional instead of transformational. But in these times, if we have the courage to press on, we find the breakthroughs and innovations that change everything.


As I began to change my way of life, I reflected on several questions.  What matters most to our children, families, and colleagues in the educational experience?  Why has education become such a hard experience for students and teachers?  Why are educators overwhelmed and burning out?  What can I do to help?


Through this questioning, reflection, and my own healing, I found myself learning the concepts of mindset, self-development, quantum mechanics, the subconscious mind, hope, energy, frequency, and vibration.  I learned how we can transcend the stress, and more importantly do what we came to do when we became educators, create a transformational experience for every student that walks into our schools.  This is when the concept of Energize Education was born.


Now, I get to support educators who wish to create a new energy, an empowering experience, a legacy that will embed hope and empowerment in themselves and our students.


If any of this resonates with you or brings about a curiosity as to how together we can minimize stress, frustration, and burnout, while maximizing impact, engagement, and fulfillment, please contact us to talk about how we can help!

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